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What's new in Flask-Admin 1.0.5?


Flask-Admin templates were slightly reworked and now it is possible to customize master template that will be used for all administrative views.

For example, here is what you can do with a bit of template fiddling:

Custom layout

You can find example here. I did not change list table layout, but this is not hard to do either.

I'm also thinking about making this interface one of the contrib packages, so it will be possible to select which one you like more.

Also, if anyone is interested to make alternative UI for the Flask-Admin, feel free to submit patches.


After making few patches to Flask-Babel and patiently waiting for them to be accepted (or declined) for almost a year, decided to make separate PyPI package: Flask-BabelEx.

It is API compatible with Flask-Babel. If you decide to use Flask-BabelEx, it is matter of importing functions from different extension.

Flask-BabelEx allows using more than one translation domain per application and allows extension developers to distribute localizations with their extensions.

Flask-Admin was updated to work with Flask-BabelEx extension as well. In future, if/when Flask-Babel will get localization domain support, I will switch it to vanilla package version.

New features and bug fixes

First of all, I would like to thank all contributors.

Flask-Admin now has choices support (displaying text based on the column value), better documentation, SQLAlchemy 0.8 support and much more.

Sort-of complete list of changes can be found here.


I'm often getting asked what is Flask-SuperAdmin and why we can't cooperate?

When I contacted Flask-SuperAdmin author, right after first version of the fork hit PyPI, I asked same question - community is small, why should we spread the efforts? Answer was pretty simple - "I want to be in charge of the project and head it the way I want". Well, it is open source, people can create fork and do whatever they want with it. But it does not help community as whole.

Anyway, let me get this straight: Flask-SuperAdmin is half-year old fork of Flask-Admin with customized UI, removed documentation, missing features and non-functional unit tests.

Architecture is no longer compatible either. There are few architectural changes which are at least questionable. Dont want to go into detail here, but moving model backends into core was bad idea. Administrative interface should not be built around CRUD, as it is only part (albeit major one) of the administrative interface.

Keeping this in mind, I don't see how Flask-SuperAdmin is super-vitaminized fork, best administrative interface for Flask, has revolutionary features, as author claims.

Overall, there was no reason to create this fork. I'm very communicative and supportive when it comes to bugs and missing features of open source projects that I maintain. If there was request to revamp UI, I'm completely fine with it. Instead, author decided to proceed with his own fork and be in charge of it.

So be it.

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